How do Clown Doctors work?

  • Clown Doctors parody the hospital routine to help children adapt to hospital life.

  • Clown Doctors spread ‘doses’ of fun and laughter, believing that laughter is the best medicine.

  • Clown Doctors work in all areas of the hospital, diverting children during painful procedures, calming children in emergency and encouraging children in physiotherapy. 

  • Clown Doctors work in partnership with health professionals. 

  • Clown Doctors visit all wards, including burns, oncology, emergency and intensive care, and of course the corridors, lifts and foyers.

  • The roaming nature of the program means that Clown Doctors can reach right to the bedside of sick children.

How many people benefit?

  • Currently The Humour Foundation has 55 professional Clown Doctors around Australia who make a difference to over 100,000 people a year.

Who are the Clown Doctors?

  • Clown Doctors are professional performers selected for their high level of skills as well as their personal qualities such as sensitivity and caring. 

How does humour help keep you healthy?

  • International research has found that laughter has both physiological and psychological benefits.

  • Doses of humour help relieve fear and stress and help recovery.