Dr Reddy is always ready for or up to something. She is ready to operate, pontificate or just generally be too late. She loves red, red things and reading into things. She is confident even when everything has gone wrong, she doesn't give up on her own brilliance.

She is quick witted, energetic and quite cheeky. She likes to tell stories without words, sing, play her Dr Uke and dance with whoever is willing. She likes to get everyone involved because everyone is her play friend. She loves trying to fit in, trying to be the best and getting it all wrong is just an excuse to try harder. Sometimes it helps when she pretends to be different people like a supermodel, English royalty or a cleaner. And she is not afraid to share tears or give cuddles to those who need it.

Favourite Joke: Is not very funny.

Favourite Colour: RED of course!

Favourite Prop: My face.

Hobbies: Saving the world.

Favourite Food: Other people’s coveted treats.

Favourite Pet: My invisible dog. He takes the rap when I do a fluff and I get to look like a lady.

Likes: Working with the medical pros, chatting without using words, singing and dancing like I'm really good at it and being ready for anything.

Dislikes: No tissues and I have to blow my nose in my dress or on the curtains!

What makes me laugh: Infectious giggly gerts.

What makes me happy: Seeing a frown turn upside down.

What makes me sad: When we can’t help someone feel better, and when butter from my hot toast drips on my skirt.

I love being a Clown Doctor because: I get the red nose privilege of encouraging the celebration of life, the trials and the joys! Making a positive difference to a difficult situation…a frown turned upside down, a hug and a piece of toilet tissue to dry the tears, a painful procedure made bearable and/or even lost in distracted enjoyment and laughter. I love the warmth and intimacy of sharing with others their most tender, vulnerable and joyous moments. It's truly a treasured, wonder-full privilege!