I am not very good at standing still - I do tend to keep moving and dancing to my own internal disco. If I was not a Clown Doctor, I would be a rap artist and would tour the world spreading my own special brand of ridiculous b-boy melodies. Unfortunately, I'm not the most coordinated of clowns, but that won't stop me! I've got my silver space boots on and am ready to go-go!

Favourite Joke: Why did the scarecrow receive an award? Because he was outstanding in his field.

Favourite Colour: Purple.

Favourite Prop: My farty putty.

Hobbies: Making up ridiculous songs to keep myself amused.

Favourite Food: Hot chips, especially when they belong to someone else.

Favourite Pet: A small dragon that lives on my hat.

Likes: Music and crazy people.

Dislikes: People without a sense of humour.

What makes me laugh: The other clown doctors and the kids.

What makes me happy: When someone says I have brightened up their day.

What makes me sad: When I see kids in pain and can't make them smile.

I love being a Clown Doctor because: Of the difference I can make to someone's day.

Favourite Clown Doctor moment: Oh, there are so many! Ummm, I think getting a whole ward of kids and their parents cracking up is pretty cool.