The following information is designed to support our application to the Channel 7 Telethon. Thank you for considering supporting our work, helping to improve the hospital experience for thousands of Western Australian children and their families.

Detail your top 3 objectives that will be achieved by this program:

Watch what Chief of Surgery at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, Dr Mike O’Brien has to say about Clown Doctors:

What health outcomes will this program address?

Describe how your program will directly impact the lives of children and your expected short and long term outcomes of this program.

Letters of support from engaged collaborators:

  1. Dr. Anwar, Chief Executive- Child and Adolescent Health Service
  2. Janet Burgess, Pathology Collection Services Manager, Trials and Research Coordinator, RCH Pathology – Laboratory Services
  3. Rob Cory, Head of External Communications & Sustainability Bankwest- Letter of Support

Tanya* and the Clown Doctors on some of her visits to Perth Children’s Hospital.

Depending on the level of support provided, we would be delighted to collaboratively confirm a promotional plan, including opportunities such as:

  • Thankyou video (produced by Clown Doctors, specifically thanking Channel 7 Telethon Trust for their support)
  • Clown Doctor performers attendance at Telethon Trust event
  • Co-branding of postcards handed to children in hospital
  • Dedicated landing page on The Humour Foundation website (currently being re-developed)
  • Ability to communicate with our monthly individual donors (approx. 10,000 individuals)
  • Visual presence within the hospital through mediums such as patient TV
  • Community Service announcement on WA TV to acknowledge your support.  
Key Partners on our website
Clown Doctor postcards- distributed at interactions