Our Stories

  • Tia’s Story

    Tia wasn’t even a teenager when she was diagnosed with an Osteosarcoma. A tumour which is usually found in the arms or legs, but in Tia’s case metastasized on her hip bone. What started as an innocuous pain in her hip was initially dismissed as growing pains. Cancer was the furthest thing from her mind. When the pain refused to fade and swelling started, Tia and her mum went straight to St John’s Urgent Care in Cockburn WA. They were… Click for more.

  • Help make Christmas in hospital a little brighter for kids like Mason

    Thank you for making the Clown Doctors part of Mason’s journey!   Mason’s scoliosis was so severe that it affected his organs and nerves, leaving him short of breath and losing feeling in his limbs. Mason had two operations on his spine, taking three of his ribs and fusing eleven of his vertebrae to correct the curve in his spine. The Clown Doctors came to sing Happy Birthday to Mason when he turned 15 in hospital. This first visit was… Click for more.

  • The Humour Foundation’s 15th Annual Roadside Appeal urges Tasmanians to support sick kids in hospital

    Our 15th Annual, Tasmanian Roadside Appeal is back on this March! Keep your eyes on this page for upcoming details. We hope you can join us and help us fundraise to bring joy to sick kids in hospitals across Tasmania.     Click for more.

  • Patient Sophie with Clown Doctors

    Sophie’s Letter to the Clown Doctors

    Dear Clown Doctors, I can’t believe that 12 years have passed since you first came into my life. I was 3 years old, living in Wagga Wagga NSW and having the time of my life with my sister and my favourite toy, Puppy.  It was only a couple of weeks until Christmas and my birthday had been the day before. Suddenly my world was turned upside down as one moment Puppy and I were having a fun time and next… Click for more.

  • Scott’s Story

    Dear Clown Doctors, Back in 2001, I had my 4th child, a little girl, Molly. A sister for Tegan, Casey, and my only son Scott. Molly was born very small, and was diagnosed with a condition called Trisomy 18. Unfortunately, the doctors described this condition to me as incompatible with life. Molly was with us for just 5 short days before she passed away. Scott was only 2 and a half at the time, but even then his humour was… Click for more.

  • Moira’s Story

    A special hello to the beautiful reader. My name is Moira and James is my 5th child – He was a gorgeous baby boy.  My Chubby Bubby. So what’s our story you ask?  Well, our story was going along quite nicely, thank you. Everything appeared to be ok on this journey we all call "Life", with James reaching all the usual milestones for a healthy 11 month old. I remember picking him up out of his cot one morning in… Click for more.