The Humour Foundation runs Laughter Boss workshops all around Australia.

If you or your staff are looking for ways to

  • Bring more joy into the lives of residents
  • Build connection and improve relationships with residents
  • Lower stress levels for yourself and residents
  • Learn new skills and creative techniques to enhance relationships with residents and colleagues
  • Improve job satisfaction

then join us for a great day of professional and personal development, as well as a whole lotta fun!

The Workshop suits all departments within aged care from management to lifestyle/recreation/activities, nurses, carers, physios, volunteers, everyone!

Laughter Boss Workshops aim to teach aged care staff fun and practical skills to help them use creative strategies, play and humour in their everyday work.

The therapeutic benefits of humour are well known – sharing a smile and a laugh connects people, lowers stress, reduces anxiety, relieves tension, boosts the immune system and creates an atmosphere of positivity and warmth.

We understand the challenges faced by staff working in aged care. Using play to promote humour in your daily work helps you build connection, develop better relationships and foster wellbeing not only with residents, but also family members and fellow colleagues as well.

But I’m not funny!

You don’t have to be the most outrageous extrovert in your facility to be a successful Laughter Boss. There are so many ways to use play and humour! During the day we’ll explore many different techniques, so everyone will discover plays and props they’re comfortable and confident trying out back at work.

If you are looking to improve the quality of life of people living in aged care facilities and addressing their psycho-social needs, as well as increasing the happiness and well being of staff, then Laughter Boss is the perfect workshop for you.

What will I learn?

During the full day workshop we look at evidence based medicine to establish the therapeutic benefits of laughter, both physiological and psychological. We touch on studies that have been done, and the proven results of using humour and play in medical/care situations.

There are practical games and activities to demonstrate how play can make a difference to residents in aged care, and how it is an effective tool in building connection and positive relationships with residents – how things like trust, behaviour and wellbeing can all be improved through play.

We talk about how play and laughter is also good for the staff themselves, and look at the effect on stress levels. We explore the concept of what a Laughter Boss is and why having a Laughter Boss in a facility is of benefit to all – staff, residents and families.

We also discuss how to be a Laughter Boss in your day to day role, with lots of fun interactive activities and plays to get participants up on their feet. We explore the use of props, games, taking risks and overcoming challenges. Participants will receive a take home resource kit to get them started.

To check out when the next Workshop is happening in your area go to our Registration Page .

Private Workshops

If you can’t make it to any of our scheduled workshops or if you’d like more of your staff to be able to attend, we also offer private Laughter Boss workshops where we come to you!

A private workshop allows more of your staff from a range of departments within your facility or multi site organisation to take part on a day that suits you.

The more staff that attend, the more the message and ideas spread through your facilities and culture.

This is one case where the more Bosses the better!

For more information and to arrange a workshop for your facility call us on 02 8978 4500 today!