The Clown Doctors Appeal, Tasmania (2017) was held in March and raised a whopping $55,000! Launched at Launceston General Hospital, the Appeal consists of roadside collection points where drivers have the opportunity to pull over and donate. In it’s 13th year, the Appeal relies on volunteers to organise, collect and run the event. We are so lucky that we have such a dedicated team that take leave from their day jobs to stand on the side of the road, collect, smile, wave, put in applications to state roads, police and relevant authorities, smile some more, put out signage, collect coffees, run thousands of coins through stubborn coin machines, wave and wave and wave, explain the work of Clown Doctors and of course, smile again! We are also lucky that the Tassy community LOVE CLOWN DOCTORS so much and donate so much! Thanks Tasmania! You are just awesome!