Help make Christmas in hospital a little brighter for kids like Mason

Thank you for making the Clown Doctors part of Mason’s journey!


Mason’s scoliosis was so severe that it affected his organs and nerves, leaving him short of breath and losing feeling in his limbs. Mason had two operations on his spine, taking three of his ribs and fusing eleven of his vertebrae to correct the curve in his spine.

The Clown Doctors came to sing Happy Birthday to Mason when he turned 15 in hospital. This first visit was the start of a beautiful connection and a happier time during his hospital treatment.

After a lot of time spent in and out of hospital, Mason is recovering well at home. He can do the things he loves again – like play basketball!


“The bond that developed between Mason and the Clown Doctors is truly special. It was wonderful to see that a  15-year-old boy was not too old to enjoy the magic that is the Clown Doctors.”

– Donna, Mason’s mum



Look at the amazing impact you can have on children, parents, and healthcare workers


The Clown Doctors are highly skilled professional performers, specially trained to work sensitively and empathetically to build connection in a healthcare setting. They regularly attend hospitals, clinics, and facilities all over Australia. The Clown Doctors visit in pairs throughout hospital wards from general medical to intensive care, from oncology to emergency, as well as large waiting rooms and specialist clinics. When the Clown Doctors arrive, the hospital transforms – laughter really is the best medicine!


Your support helps capture moments of laughter and lightness to create positive family memories.