Clown Doctors on Call

Clown Doctors love injecting a bit of silliness when times are tough, now more than ever during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Clown Doctors on Call is our brand new virtual visiting program that brings laughter to children and young people on demand!

A call with the Clown Doctors helps break up boredom and stress at home or by the hospital bedside, bringing laughter, joy, and playfulness into a child’s day.

Today was great, it was a nice change for Min’s routine and gave her lots of extra spark…Thank you for the opportunity and the uplifted spirits Min so much needed.” Nina, parent

How does

it work?

You can book a 15-minute Zoom call with two Clown Doctors who will tailor the visit to the interests and needs of your child. Siblings, parents and caregivers are welcome to join in the fun! You’ll need a device (phone, tablet or computer) connected to the internet to participate.

The service is free for children and young people up to 18 years who are inpatients and outpatients from anywhere in Australia, subject to availability. See our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Book a personalised call with the Clown Doctors!

All booked up? Email us to join the waiting list.

…it’s joyous and fun. Quite a lot of kids have a fear of doctors and the hospital setting and it was a really lovely thing to have the medical professional being a little bit silly…the kids really responded to that. Wonderful to make that connection between the Clown and the Doctor. It will really make the hospital experience easier and better, to take the fear away.” Helen – Education Coordinator, RMH


Medical and allied staff can request longer sessions with the Clown Doctors for individual inpatients, outpatient clinics and groups.
Please email The Humour Foundation to arrange a session.