Here’s what some past participants had to say about the workshop….

"I enjoyed the training – the program was presented in a very relaxed way and the presenters brought laughter into the training."

"It impressed upon me the value of play and laughter for older people."

"Very helpful and positive day. Extremely encouraging and increased my confidence to pursue ‘Laughter Bossing’ at work with renewed energy. A BIG thank you!"

"Very engaging session. Important in all aspects of life."

"Fantastic day. Inspiring. Looking forward to putting the ideas into practice."

"Thank you. I had the best time and I have gained new skills and an understanding of how humour heals and sustains."

"A wonderful workshop!"

"I was reluctant to come…So glad I did!!! I loved every minute and learnt heaps. Thank you very much!"

"Thank you for an inspiring experience. I plan to take this back to my workplace to use with colleagues and clients."

"You guys are amazing. Such an inspiration! Loved learning how to make my residents lives more exciting so they can smile."

"What a fantastic experience. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Very insightful."

"Thank you for the opportunity to attend!"

"I had a great time!!"

"Loved it, well done guys – You do an unbelievable job."