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Leave a legacy

“When my husband and I first consulted Dr Peter Spitzer approximately 10 years ago, we were completely unaware of the ‘Clown Doctors’, let alone the existence of The Humour Foundation.

We were so impressed that from then on we took an enthusiastic interest in the activities of this great cause. We decided that as we do not have children of our own that we would make a bequest to the Foundation. We wanted to make a difference to help spread
smiles to sick children and, although we had limited resources to be able to help immediately, we chose to leave a gift in our Will in the hope that The Humour Foundation’s work could continue in perpetuity for as Peter always said, Laughter is the Best Medicine!

We truly hope our bequest will continue to help in bringing smiles to the faces of sick children well into the future.”

– Joan & John

Let laughter be your lasting legacy

By including The Humour Foundation in your will you continue to make a difference to sick children and isolated aged care residents far into the future. A bequest in your will, small or large, is a gift that leaves a legacy.

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When making your will

Before making your Will you should make a list of your assets and liabilities and whether you want specific items of your property to be given to a specific person.

You must appoint people (called Executors) to carry out your wishes as contained in your Will. Before appointing Executors you should discuss with those people whether they agree to be appointed as your Executors to carry out your wishes. Your Executors can get a gift in your Will.

If you have young children, you should consider who you want to look after them (called Guardians) in case when you die your children are still young. Guardians do not have to be the same people as the Executors.

Give a copy of your Will (with location of the original Will written on it) to your Executors, together with your personal details and any information about your property that will help them assemble and distribute your estate in the way you wish. You might prefer to give the Executors a sealed envelope containing these items.

In some states, Marriage or Divorce automatically revokes a Will so that if either of these situations applies to you, you need to make a new Will.

If you want to change your will

After your Will has been signed, it cannot be changed by simply writing alterations onto the Will. These changes may not be legally valid.

If the changes are substantial, it’s preferable to prepare a new Will. But if changes are minor, you can use a Codicil.

You don’t need a Codicil if you or any person named in your Will changes their address. If you are in any doubt concerning changing your Will, see your solicitor.

If you already have a Will, a Codicil is a quick and easy way to make a gift through your Will to The Humour Foundation.


Make a difference

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I would encourage people to consider leaving a gift in their Will to help this wonderful organisation make a difference to so many other children in the future, just as they have done for my daughter.

– Lea (parent)