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Honouring Kerry Reid

It is with a full yet heavy heart that we share the passing of Kerry Reid, our deeply beloved Clown Doctor, Dr Prim-Rose, and Laughter Care Specialist, Rosie Prim-Rose, who died peacefully in March with friends at her bedside.  

A Big Year for Our Corporate Partners

The annual Turosi Giving Golf Day marked its 13th year, raising $20,000. Dr Bing Bong and Dr Achoo joined our CEO, Emma Pollard, in Victoria, adding a touch of laughter to the event.

Communities Coming Together

From 26 February to 2 March 2024, the 18th Annual Tasmanian Roadside Appeal successfully raised over $62,000 in support of our programs at the Launceston General Hospital, Royal Hobart Hospital, and North West Regional Hospital.

The Clown Doctors return to Dust Up!

Our Western Australian Clown Doctor team was invited to attend their third Desert Dust Up Festival after a COVID pause. An annual event held in the remote Indigenous town of Warakurna in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands, the festival brings together seven schools in a celebration of performance, sport, community, and culture.

Communicating with Nancy

On her first day at Gillawarna Village residential aged care home, Laughter Care performer Bonnie headed towards Nancy’s room. Stephen, a carer at Gillawarna Village, looked somewhat concerned and reluctant. “Nancy never leaves her room, she rarely engages, is very confused and somewhat depressed.” Bonnie’s eyes lit up as she exclaimed, “Let’s visit her!”

Karleigh and her rainbow, bravery unicorn

The impacts of Clown Doctors are “the result of a more complex, intimate human connection that develops due to the nature of the Clown Doctors being low-status, open, vulnerable, and, existing as outsiders to the medical establishment.” This was beautifully showcased through the story of Karleigh, Dr. Munjong and the rainbow unicorn.

Miles for Smiles

On Monday 24 January 2022 a group of competitive rowers embarked on the first ever surfboat crossing of the notoriously treacherous Bass Strait!

“My wife said, you can’t NOT do this. She is the wise one… I think our experience with her cancer has made us seize the moment at every available opportunity. One of our kids thinks I’m stark raving mad.

Dr Wobble and Dr O’Dear take on Max the Gladiator!

A fall on the driveway doesn’t normally land in you in the Burns Unit in hospital, but for 4-year-old Max, that’s exactly what happened.

Max, or Maximus as he is called (yes after the gladiator) is one tough cookie. Falls are a part of life and even his Mum Jessica wasn’t overly concerned when Max tripped and grazed his hand. As mum to two active boys, Jessica knows grazes are a part of life and so she disinfected and dressed the injury immediately.