Tasmanian Clown Doctor, Dr Wing It, Brings Joy to Take 5 Magazine Readers

The Humour Foundation is thrilled to announce that one of our beloved Clown Doctors, Dr Wing It, has been featured in the latest edition of Take 5 Magazine! This special feature shines a spotlight on the incredible work done by our Clown Doctors, who bring laughter and joy to children, carers and staff in hospitals across Australia.

Dr Wing It (Libby Dobson) has been a dedicated Clown Doctor since 2018. Residing in Burnie, Tasmania, Libby works at both Burnie and Launceston General Hospitals. Known for her infectious laughter, colourful costume, and playful antics, Dr Wing It has become a beacon of hope and happiness for countless young patients and their families.

A Day in the Life of Dr Wing It

In the Take 5 Magazine article, readers are given an inside look at a day in the life of Dr Wing It. From the moment she dons her red nose and whimsical attire, Dr Wing It transforms hospital wards into magical realms where laughter is the best medicine. She engages with children through games, jokes, and humour-inducing performances, making even the most challenging days a little brighter.

The Journey to Becoming Dr Wing It

Libby’s journey to becoming Dr Wing It began in 2018 when she auditioned to be a Clown Doctor and passed with flying colours. She completed 50 rounds of her ‘Clownternship’ at Launceston General Hospital, where she learned the art of medical clowning. Since then, she has been a fully-fledged Clown Doctor, bringing joy and laughter to children in Tasmanian hospitals.

Working alongside her friend from university, Dr Saurus Rex (Katie), the two Clown Doctors create a dynamic duo that brings laughter and connection to kids, carers, and staff. Their teamwork and dedication are truly inspiring, as they transform the hospital experience for so many.

The Healing Power of Laughter

The feature also highlights the profound impact of laughter on healing. Research shows that laughter can reduce stress, improve immune function, and promote overall well-being. For children in hospitals, the joy brought by Clown Doctors like Dr Wing It can be a crucial part of their recovery process.

Libby herself expresses the importance of her role: ‘I’m very proud of my work as a Clown Doctor. Being silly can make a big difference to someone just when they need it.’

Spreading Joy Beyond Hospital Walls

Dr Wing It’s appearance in Take 5 Magazine helps to spread awareness about the Clown Doctors program and its significance. It brings national attention to the incredible efforts of The Humour Foundation in using humour to improve the quality of life for sick children. The article emphasises the importance of supporting this program through donations and volunteer efforts, ensuring that more children can experience the healing power of laughter.

Join Us in Celebrating Dr Wing It

We invite everyone to pick up a copy of Take 5 Magazine and read about Dr Wing It’s heartwarming journey. Her passion is truly inspiring, and we are incredibly proud to have her as part of The Humour Foundation family.

By sharing her story, we hope to bring more smiles to the faces of children and encourage others to support our mission. Whether through donations, corporate sponsorship, community events or simply spreading the word, every little bit helps in making a big difference.